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Why Video Sub Player?

This is an online video player that can play any streaming link with added subtitles. No need to download the video just go to the site and play along with a subtitle you specify (or what we suggest).

Have a Look at the VideoSubPlayer before moving on

Since some hosting providers have restricted their access to other servers and the file path to the streaming url is complex, I have developed an Firefox Addon that will do all the hard work for you. Basically when it is enabled it will grab videos on the sites you browse and take you to VideoSub Player. It will also bypass any security restriction opposed to stop cross domain streaming.

For more information on Video Grabber can be found here.

Video Grabber can be download from Firefox Repository

Introductory Video


Here are some of the features of the VideoSub Player

Currently the player is deployed for pre alpha and contains minor bugs if your found any bugs please post them on the support forum.


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